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Health drivers to transform the fast-food industry

Consumers are asking more than ever of quick-service restaurants (QSR). As well as needing to create great tasting food that is quick and convenient, QSR kitchens must now make sure their dishes are good for people and the planet…

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Naturalness and health

Naturalness and health are now top priorities for consumers. Despite pressures on household budgets, shoppers are continuing to seek out food products with short lists of well-known ingredients and positive health properties….

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Vegan salmon: a sustainable solution to fast-rising demand for fish

The fish and seafood market is ripe for change. While many consumers want to eat more fish because they view it as healthier than (red) meat, they are simultaneously being deterred from doing so by concerns about sustainability and overfishing. The trends explain the growing interest in fish substitutes….

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Video series: MEET THE EXPERT

We are thrilled to introduce our new video series ‘MEET THE EXPERT‘. A format in which you’ll get to discover the faces of Solina, experts from various countries, departments and business units across Solina….

Tastes of America

Tastes of America

Solinan kehittämä Tastes of America -konsepti sisältää kahdeksan hyvin erilaista mausteseosta, jotka sopivat monelle eri raaka-aineelle….

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3 flavours to watch

Europeans want to try new flavours. Faced with uncertainty created by the war in Ukraine, COVID-19, inflation and more, consumers want to treat themselves…