Culinary sauces have been thrilling people’s taste buds for centuries. By giving food more flavor, a pleasant texture, a better appearance, unique taste profiles, and a sharp, tangy or creamy touch, they’ve become the backbone of many meals. Today, however, the culinary sauces market is experiencing a renaissance, driven by changing consumer preferences, ongoing globalization, and the public’s appetite for new and exciting flavors. Get the latest ins and outs of how to produce successful on-trend sauces below.


If clothes make the man, then sauces make the meal. That’s not only the case for foods like pasta and chicken wings; it goes for countless dishes.

Sounds like a fluffy one-liner? Let’s get cooking.

Start by picturing yourself a classic steak. The bright acidity and great color of chimichurri, an oil-based sauce with plenty of fresh herbs, illustrate how sauces enhance steaks. The herbs enrich the protein and add fresh, contrasting flavor notes, while the use of lime or vinegar cuts through the fat of the beef to balance the dish. Chimichurri also provides a splash of green, adding a burst of color to a dish that otherwise consists of various shades of brown, thus making it more attractive to health-conscious consumers. Needless to say, sauces like béarnaise, peppercorn and beurre blanc take steaks in a completely different direction.

You get the gist. Dipping sauces, pesto, barbecue sauces, salad dressings, or any other sauce: they all have the same sensory power.

Keeping that sensory power in line with emerging trends is key to business success, especially now that the culinary sauces renaissance is picking up speed. Indeed, personalization has become the – wait for it – secret sauce of success for food manufacturers, retailers and (quick-service) restaurants.



Knowing which trends are driving the culinary sauces renaissance is one thing. Having the skill set and the technical capabilities to adequately tap into them is something else. The result? Developing the right sensory properties and health attributes increasingly requires partnerships.

If you’re still looking for a partner-in-sauces or if your current partner can’t keep up with all the trends, Solina might be the missing link in your business story.

We are a trusted partner for food manufacturers that work on the full spectrum of sweet and savory foods. Basically, we can help all types of food businesses to sauce up their products with flavor-packed and nutritionally enhanced liquid elements: hot sauce manufacturers, salad dressing companies, quick-service restaurants, foodservice companies, …. You name it.

Through the acquisitions of sauce specialists Sauces et Créations and Atelier D2i in France, Zafron Foods in the UK, Saratoga Food Specialties in the US, and Lynch Foods in Canada, we’ve equipped ourselves to offer fully customized high-quality mayonnaise, condiments, dressings, marinades and any other sauce you can imagine in many different types of packaging.

We’re ready to help you exceed your customers’ expectations and diversify your food offering. Are you? Contact us.