a view inside solina

Sharing our passion for food, that’s what we love most! This is why we are thrilled to introduce our new video series ‘MEET THE EXPERT‘. A format in which you’ll get to discover the faces of Solina, experts from various countries, departments and business units across Solina that will share insights and knowledge about the evolutions in the global food scene.



Episode 01 – fish alternative innovations

To kick off the series, Wiebe Saerens, one of Solina’s future food division technologists, represented by NEXTERA®, and one of the driving forces behind many of our new protein food innovations, is explaining more about different fish alternative applications we have designed: vegan tuna, vegan salmon fingers, vegan fish fillet, vegan surimi, and many other relevant vegan and vegetarian applications.

How Solina ADDRESSes CONSUMER expectations

Solina prides itself on a versatile and entrepreneurial mindset, which enables us to stay ahead of the constantly evolving consumers’ trends and to detect market opportunities quickly. Our experts are well-informed about the latest evolutions in their field of expertise. Therefore, we provide tailor-made and fully integrated taste, functional and nutritional product solutions that enable our customers to succeed in new product development and expansion of current offerings.

How do we start an innovation project?

Curious about how we start an innovation project for fish alternatives? Watch the video!

Interested in a co-creation trajectory? Contact us to book a meeting with one of our experts and learn more about the latest innovations in new protein food.