We are delighted to announce the signing of an agreement for the acquisition of the brands OSCAR and PULJONKI, respectively owned by Nestlé Food Service A/S (Denmark) and Puljonki Oy (Finland) from the Nestlé Group. The completion of the transaction is scheduled for end of March, marking the finalization of the process.

With a rich history of delivering primarily dry seasoning solutions to various food manufacturing industries in Northern Europe, the acquisition brings an infusion of culinary sauce and other liquid solutions into our offerings. This move not only strengthens our presence in the European food service sector but also synergizes seamlessly with our existing operations in the UK (Essential Cuisine), Benelux and France (Apollo), and our successful entry into the North American market through the integration of Canadian food service experts Berthelet and Lynch Foods.

The OSCAR and PULJONKI brands have emerged as pioneers in Europe and beyond, offering premium solutions such as stocks, fonds, bouillons, soups, and other advanced culinary aids. One of their key strengths lies in their dedicated focus on natural products, sourced through carefully defined production processes. Additionally, their commitment to packaging optimization stands out, ensuring not only superior product quality but also extending shelf life and contributing to a reduction in waste.

The valued brands primarily cater to professional out-of-home food service experts, spanning from small-scale to industrial production kitchens, employing a distinctive chef-to-chef model. The two manufacturing facilities are strategically located in Finland (Juuka) and Denmark (Ronnede), boasting a collective workforce of 132 employees. With a combined turnover of €45 million in 2023, both brands have a significant presence in countries including Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, France, and Belgium.

Our CEO, Anthony Francheterre, expressed his enthusiasm about the acquisition, stating, “Acquiring OSCAR and PULJONKI strengthens our foothold in the food service sector in Europe and globally. This positions Solina to cater to customers in the casual dining segment with innovative food solutions that excel in taste, nutrition, and more. Additionally, their advanced offerings enrich and further diversify our extensive sauce and liquid capabilities.”

The acquisition of OSCAR and PULJONKI signifies a pivotal moment in our ambition to lead across various channels in the global food landscape. It aligns seamlessly with our purpose of making food matter for people and the planet and underscores our unwavering commitment to innovation, quality, and unparalleled customer service. Upon integration into our network, OSCAR and PULJONKI will leverage the benefits from our global position, and strong connections within the European food service sector.

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